BidBeacon.com is a unique online auction platform that provides everything you need in a single marketplace. Get qualified help with a wide variety of projects by listing them at our Jobs/Projects auction; get part-time jobs by bidding on listed projects. We facilitate: complete transparency of competing bids and clarifications of project proposals; direct negotiations between the service customer and the service provider. For more info, see Your Benefits.

And that's just services – now for the goods: BidBeacon.com authorized users are also granted access to our Garage Sale Online (GSOL), a new kind of garage sale. For more info, see Joe and Mary's Blog (Dialogue 2).

So that's what we do, in a nutshell. But why do we do it? As Toly Sarser, CEO, points out: "At times, we all need qualified help or feel a need to help others. That's why, as a long-time expert in web development, I decided to launch an online venture to improve the quality of people's lives. My old friend, Gene Glass, who is a specialist in Information & Marketing, joined me as co-founder and president.

Our approach gives people the opportunity to get services, jobs, goods, and money, all this in one place. The site claims ease of use, high efficiency, and low price (you'll be the ultimate judge). And I am proud to announce that our service has a base rate of only $1."

While BidBeacon.com is still a small company (as Google and Facebook were too, in the not too distant past ), we have the potential to grow big. Why? Because our mission is utility - we have something for everyone. Join us now, and become a part of the exclusive BidBeacon.com community of people helping other people (and benefiting from it, too!)

CEO Prez Our contact info:
360 Connecticut Ave.
Suite 200
Norwalk, CT 06854
Toly Sarser
Gene Glass
(203) 952-7275
Accept help. Join BidBeacon. Membership? Free. Base fee? $1. Here, big things start small.
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